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Neurotic Anxiety

Neurotic anxiety is said to be an anxiety that arises from the unconscious fear that the libidinous impulses from the Id will take control at an inappropriate time. Neurotic anxiety is driven by the fear of punishment that arises from expression of the id’s desires. This is one of the three types of anxiety as described by the famous psychologist, Sigmund Freud. The others types of anxiety are reality anxiety and moral anxiety. Neurotic anxiety would make a research paper topic for your Psychology Class. Paper Masters can help you compose a custom research paper.

Neurotic Anxiety




Neuroticism is the psychological state of long periods of negativity, characterized by:

Neurotic individuals tend to interpret situations negatively. Anxiety is an inner state of turmoil in the human psyche, characterized by unexplained feelings of dread.

Freud believed that anxiety was an unpleasant state that most human beings seek to avoid, acting as a signal to the ego that something is not right. Neurotic anxiety was the uncontrollable worry that the individual will submit to the id’s basic urges, resulting in the punishment for inappropriate behaviors. In order to deal with anxiety, Freud held that the person develops defense mechanisms.

Ego and Neurotic Anxiety

With neurotic anxiety, the person’s ego is overwhelmed by the id. The id, Freud believed, is where the basic animalistic drives are contained, home to a person’s sexual and aggressive drives. The id acts according to the pleasure principle, seeking immediate gratification. Neurotic anxiety is fear that the individual will release such tendencies.

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