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Neuroblastoma in Children Research Papers

Research Papers on various types of cancer are custom written at Paper Masters. One common topic is on neuroblastoma in children. Some facts concerning neuroblastoma and its incidence in children are as follows:

  • Neuroblastoma is the most common extra-cranial solid tumor occurring in children.
  • With an incidence of 29.1 per million per annum in children below the age of five, the disorder accounts for somewhere between 8 and 10 percent of all pediatric cancer cases.
  • It is the most prevalent malignancy in children after leukemia, brain tumors, and lymphomas.Neuroblastoma in Children
  • Neuroblastoma accounts for a disproportionate 15 percent of all pediatric cancer mortality.

In the United States, there is an overall incidence of 9.5 million per annum from birth to age 15 years, with approximately 650 cases of neuroblastoma occurring every year. Although one popular Web site suggests that neuroblastoma is more common in African Americans than among Caucasian Americans, the scholarly literature reviewed for this study did not indicate such ethnic differences in the prevalence of neuroblastoma. In the United Kingdom, the rates are similar, with an estimated incidence of 8 per million per annum from birth to age 15 years, and approximately 90 new cases per year. In most populations worldwide, neuroblastoma most frequently affects children below the age of 2 years, while the median age at diagnosis is 22 months. Neuroblastoma occurs quite rarely in adolescence or adulthood: somewhere between almost 90 percent and more than 95 percent of neuroblastoma cases are diagnosed before age 10 years. This study examines the epidemiology, clinical manifestations, and treatment options for neuroblastoma in infant and child patients. The study relies exclusively on medical and scholarly literature published within the last four years in peer-reviewed journals.

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