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Neuman's System Model Research Papers

Research papers on Betty Neuman’s Systems Model show that her model provides an excellent framework to understand the basic of delivering nursing carePaper Masters will custom write a research paper on Betty Neuman or on Neuman's system model as it relates to nursing.

Placing the individual at the center of the environment, Neuman clearly shows the role that the person and his or her interaction with the environment can have on nursing care.

Neuman's System Model

Neuman's System

Overall, Neuman’s system is relatively easy to utilize.  The research paper looks at relationships, and then one can clearly see how actions and behaviors of the individual influence the care of the patient and the final health outcome.  For this reason, Neuman’s theory is flexible and can be applied in a number of situations.  Further because the person can refer to the individual, a group or a community, the theory has a wide range of applications as well.

In the end, the research paper states it is clear why Betty Neuman became so well known for her theories. 

  • Comprehensively, Neuman’s model promotes self-analysis of the individual in improving care for patients. 
  • Additionally, the model provides a framework under which to accomplish this goal. 
  • The end result is improved care for the patient and a better understand of the self for the nurse—a win-win situation.

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