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Networking Standards Research Papers

Network standards change continually and if you have a research paper due on them, you will want to have the most up to date and relevant sources and research. Have our technology writers provide you with a custom research paper on networking standards and protocols.

Learning Outcomes that your research paper will focus on:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and practicalities of data communication for long distance and local communication;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the architecture and standards used for Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks and Networks supporting Web Access;
  • Appreciate the purpose of protocol layering and the Internet reference model;
  • Display a working knowledge of a limited number of application and system level services e.g. electronic mail (SMTP), file transfer (FTP) and route tracing (ping and trace route), remote login (rlogin); the use of sub-netting to partition a LAN and the configuration of network devices;
  • Demonstrate an awareness of more recent developments in the field

Focus of a Networking Standards Research Paper

Networking StandardsYou must demonstrate that you have thoroughly researched the topic; therefore, you should include a comprehensive bibliography and list of references.You should include diagrams as appropriate.


What are networking standards? Why do we need them? Comment on the work of ISO and IETF with special reference to the following: structure of the organization; procedures used to arrive at networking standards; and enforcement of the approved standards.

Identify and discuss at least two areas of networking where the two organizations have been most effective (collectively or separately).

Your professor is going to be looking for clarity of expression, especially in the use of technical terms and the use of relevant sources.

Effective communication plays a large role in all areas of life and can make the difference between success and failure. The same holds true in the world of computers. Without a well-ordered system of sending files and data from one computer to another, information exchange stands still. Technological advances have enabled complex computer communications to take place through the use of network protocols.

A network protocol is specific software installed in a computer’s memory or transmission device that is implemented when one computer communicates with another. It is the set of rules that direct the stream of incoming bits of data by formatting, timing, sequencing and controlling errors when two computers exchange information. A protocol is a standard called a Request for Comment, or RFC. There are more than 4,500 RFCs used on the Internet today. Issued by the International Standardization Office, or ISO, the standards are freely available online are easy to acquire. One of the most common protocols used today is the Ethernet, which is a system where each computer checks to make sure the network is clear before transmitting data. One of the main jobs of a network protocol is to resolve issues and incompatibilities that are present when two different types of computers are unable to communicate. And while there are many standard protocols, ones that work follow the Open System Interconnection, or OSI, model.

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