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Neoplatonism is philosophical school of thought that first arose in the 3rd century AD, combining elements of the work of Plato with more mystical strains. Its earliest proponent was the philosopher Plotinus, whose unique interpretations of Plato combined elements of Egyptian theology to produce a school of thought popular through the Middle Ages. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Neoplatonism that follows your guidelines.

Well-known Neoplatonists are:

  • Plotinus
  • St. Jerome
  • St. Augustine
  • Pico della Mirandola

Neoplatonism Philosophy


Plato’s philosophy was large dominant in the Ancient World, with the rise of Christianity, many thinkers sought to apply ideas such as the Form to the notion of monotheism. Taking this notion into non-Christian beliefs, Plotinus, in his writings, attempted to prove that all things emanate from The One, the source of the universe.

Neoplatonism was heavily influential on several major early Church fathers, including St. Jerome and St. Augustine, who claimed that Plotinus and his disciple Porphyry were Christians as well. The idea of the universe springing out of The One found kindred ties to Christian notions regarding God. Neoplatonic thought was largely based in Alexandria and Constantinople, which allowed it to survive the fall of Rome.

Neoplatonism and the Renaissance

During the Renaissance, numerous Neoplatonic writings were rediscovered in the West, leading to a new awakening of this school. Renaissance thinkers combined elements from a number of ancient schools of thought which they then called “Neoplatonism.”

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