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Negative Effects of Illegal Immigration

Need a paper arguing Negative Effects of Illegal Immigration Research Paper:

Requirements for Negative Effects of Illegal Immigration Research Paper:

  1. Essay 6: Documented argumentative essay—AT LEAST 5 pages.
    This essay is your opportunity to voice your opinion on any controversial issue. Part of the challenge with this essay is that you cannot use a cliché topic; your task is to come up with something controversial other than abortion, euthanasia, and school prayer. You must try to convince your reader that your view is correct without allowing your bias to overshadow your message. You must use at least(5) five sources to back up your belief, and you must give specific examples and direct quotations from each source. Of the five sources, you must include one credible Internet source, two credible journal articles, and one book; the last source is left up to you. At least one of your sources must refute your stance so that you acknowledge the other side.Negative Effects of Illegal Immigration
    In order for your essay to be graded, you must have adhered to the following rules:
  • You must deal with a controversial issue.
  • You cannot use abortion or euthanasia.
  • You must have an arguable thesis. (In order for your thesis to be arguable, you may want to begin with because or although.
  • You must have at least four sources to support your stance and at least one that refutes your stance
  • You must use specific examples and direct quotations from each source.
  • You must include in-text citations in your essay.
  • You must include a works-cited page that lists every source used in your essay.
    Make sure that you do the following in your essay:
    Introduce the issue that you have chosen to argue.
    YOUR THESIS should be a statement that tells what you are going to prove to be wrong about the issue you have chosen. In order to make sure that your thesis is arguable, you might want to begin the sentence with because or although.
    2. BODY
    Each aspect or element of your evaluation should be developed in a paragraph, with a topic sentence, explanation, and specific examples.
    Offer a well-developed paragraph that reflects all the evidence in your paper.
    4. SET UP
    • One-inch margins on each edge of the page
    • Header (Student 1) half an inch from the upper right corner of each page
    • Heading on the first page in the proper order with the proper information
    • Twelve-point Courier font
    • Double spaced with no extra spaces within the essay
    • A works-cited page at the end of the essay

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