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Nazi Painting Research Papers

Nazi painting research papers point out that it is noted by Lehmann-Haupt (1973) that Hitler’s version of Nazi painting and the rest of the world’s transition into modern art painting did not differ much in the long run. Have Paper Masters custom write your research paper on any aspect of Nazi art.

Many similarities can be found in the paintings of the expressionists and by those artists commissioned by the National Socialists. Nazi Painting

  • The expressionists delighted in color outside of the central object of the painting.
  • Zugel, one of the most influential artists in the Nazi era of painting applied this often to his animal paintings.
  • In order to keep themselves in check against subverting to expressionist ways, the Nazi painters would focus on the absolute to fill the painting. If the painting were of an animal, the animal would often encompass a disproportionate amount of the canvas.
  • A painting of a man or a woman would focus on the detail of the human body and contain little else of value within the painting. This focus on the human body has become symbolic of Nazi art for several reasons. First of all, depicting the superiority of the German race was essential in their art and the stereotypical blonde hair, blue eyed masculine figure was a idealized. Hitler claimed that the German ideal was a new revelation in the evolution of the human body.

According to the master propagandist Joseph Goebbels, the female form held a very different connotation for German society than the male form. The ideal of motherhood was also quintessential for the German woman to portray. While she was supposed to look beautiful, she was also supposed to cultivate respect in a motherly way. Nazi Germany was a contradiction on what it wanted women to be. Its paintings depicted the true nature of what women were to them – objects.

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