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Nazi Germany Research Papers

How do you start a Nazi Germany research paper? Our expert writers suggest you focus on the factors that lead up to the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany, Hitler's influence, World War I and the many other elements that made this era so susceptible to the Nazi party.

Nazi Germany research papers show that it took the Great Depression — which hit Germany harder than any other nation — to turn Nazism into a true mass movement. But even then, the Nazi Party never gained a majority of the people’s vote. Nazism generally appealed to only a third of the German people, and these came from the following social sectors:

  1. The German lower classes, which were discontent due to the Depression
  2. Nazi and German armed forces
  3. The German war industries

Nearly two-thirds of Germany were opposed to Hitler, and adamantly so. There was never any hope that Hitler could have won their support. Perhaps if the German Republic had been truly democratic, it would have survived even the test of a depression.

Nazi Germany

Post War World Germany

Looking directly at the individual German of post World War I, the effects of the political and social devastation burdened every citizen.  The Veterans of WWI were disillusioned and defeated. The soldiers returned to a society that was so troubled economically and politically, that no attention could be spared for their mourning process of what they had been through.  There was no doubt about it: war was horror, terror and futility. The romance of war had been taken out of warfare forever. The 19th century ideals of warfare—Napoleonic ideals—were no match for the new weapons of destruction which the Second Industrial Revolution had helped to make a reality.

Germany's Fear of Freedom

The cloud that hung over the head of Germany refused to move, instead casting a spell of melancholia throughout every part of the nation.  Eric Fromm postulated that Germany had a fear of freedom.  Philosophers began to decry the irrationality of German sociology and philosophy in regards to their coping with their past. This irrationality can be linked to a manic searching for peace in the political arena or in the stability of their culture.

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