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Naturalistic Intelligence

Naturalistic intelligence, part of Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, deals with the individual’s sensitivity towards nature. Some theorists believe that naturalistic intelligence was a key component to man’s evolutionary past, when human beings and human societies survived as hunter-gatherers and pastoral nomads. However, this is both the latest and perhaps most controversial addition to Gardner’s theory. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Naturalistic Intelligence that follows your guidelines.

Those Gifted with Naturalistic Intelligence

Individuals gifted in naturalistic intelligence are drawn to diverse careers such as in botany, zoology, or even the culinary arts. These individuals enjoy some of the following:Naturalistic Intelligence

  • Gardening
  • Working with animals
  • Connecting to the natural world
  • Categorizing and cataloging information
  • Being aware of subtle changes in their environment

Naturalistic intelligence allows the individual to observe and organize pattern in the natural world. In educational settings, students with high naturalistic intelligence benefit greatly from being outdoors and display a great interest in learning about and working with animals. They are more readily able to categorize information than others and frequently like to collect natural objects, such as minerals and gems.

Naturalistic Intelligence and Sensory Skills

Sensory skills are said to be enhanced in people with naturalistic intelligence, allowing them to observe patterns and changes in the environment. Other outdoor activities, such as camping and hiking, appeal to people with naturalistic intelligence.

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