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Research Papers on National Security

Research papers on national security look at the political side of how the government protects its citizens. Paper Masters will custom write a paper on national security relating to any topic area of your choosing. Some common political science topics on national security that Paper Masters has come across in the past few years are:

  1. Roles and responsibilities of the National Security Agency
  2. Terrorism and how it affects National security
  3. Patrolling our nation's boarders
  4. How much military spending should go towards national security

National security refers to those practices employed by a nation-state to ensure its survival. National security is a multidimensional approach, employing the following:

  1. Economics
  2. Diplomacy
  3. Political power
  4. Military action

Security threats to a nation can come from both other nations, and from non-state actors such as terrorist organizations, and even natural disasters. While there is no accepted single definition of national security, it does have several common elements, found in most modern nations. National Security

National Security and Military Force

One of the most important aspects of national security is military security, the capacity of a nation to defend its borders and citizens and to defer attack from an outside agent. Nearly every nation has some military force, although the United States maintains the largest military force on the planet. A second important aspect of national security is political security, which provides for the stability of the social order. Economic security, the ability of a nation to create jobs for the population, is a third important aspect.

One of the fastest growing areas of national security is that of cybersecurity. All advanced nations are increasingly turning towards electronic information systems, as well as computer-based control of infrastructure. Unwarranted intrusions into these computer networks could seriously cripple a nation’s ability to provide for its security.

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