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National School Boards Association

Paper Masters can compose a custom research paper on The National School Boards Association based on your guidelines. Here is a sample introduction:

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) was founded in 1940. The NSBA is a nonprofit organization that supports state level school boards by working as an advocate between schools and the federal government and other national education agencies. The organization has around 90,000 elected school board members that it supports. These school board members supervise 13,600 local school districts across the United States. National Schools Boards Association

National School Boards Association's Goals

The National School Boards Association also works within the community to create a culture of education in local school board districts. The NSBA works as an advocate for students in public education and provides them with a voice so they can be as academically successful as possible.

The National School Boards Association has five goals it strives to achieve with the end goal being an increase in student achievement:

  • The first goal is that the NSBA will work to foster positive relationships and help state level school boards.
  • The second goals of the NSBA is to provide state and local school boards with research and resources to help support the work that they are doing in the local public schools.
  • The third goal of the NSBA is to be an advocate for public education in Washington, in the court system, and in legislation.
  • The fourth goal is that the NSBA will help promote support for local school boards and school systems.
  • The fifth goal of the NSBA is to continually seek ways to improve the support they provide.

Board of Directors


One hundred fifty delegates are apart of the National School Boards Association. The organization has a constitution and bylaws that it adheres. A twenty-five-member board enacts the policies that have been outlined by the delegates.

In December of 2012, the board of directors laid out plans for the creation of the new NSBA. This new organization will have a stronger voice for public education.

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