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National Education Association Research Papers

Paper Masters has many writers in the education field and we frequently write custom projects on the National Education Association. Education majors need to understand the role and responsibility of the National Education Association, as they will deal with them as teachers and administrators in the education system of the United States. Let Paper Masters write you a custom national education association research paper to help you understand this complex organization.

The National Education Association, (NEA), formed to give education a “voice.” It is the nation’s largest union and professional employee organization in the United States with more than three million members. This sizable organization is dedicated to “crusading for the rights of all educators and students,” and plays multiple roles in the field of education. Aligned below are three of the primary roles this organization plays for its members and the work they do.

Supports Fairness and RespectNational Education Association

The NEA collectively uses its “voice” to advocate for its members. The organization is responsible for:

  • Setting the standards for work hours
  • Wages
  • Safety in the workplace
  • Equality amongst employees
  • Other work related issues that affect members.

Many of the securities members appreciate, are accredited to the NEA. Aside from just protecting the “well being” of its own members, the NEA fights for the rights of Americans as a whole. Recently, “NEA members Edith Kimball and Courtney Johnson testified to the need for Congress to raise the federal minimum wage."

Improving the Quality Education

Improving the quality of education is another primary, role the NEA plays to its members. Currently, the organization is focused on Common Core Standards, No Child Left Behind, and education funding. The NEA offers its members an array of professional development opportunities for growth and development. Furthermore, The NEA offers several grants for students to better their education and meet their learning goals. The NEA also promotes literacy through Read Across America, a program focused on motivating children to read”.

Promoting Recognition of Teaching as a Profession

The NEA earnestly campaigns to promote its members and the work they do. Aside from the publicity the NEA creates in the media, the most publicly known campaign to promote teacher recognition is National Teachers Day. This day honors teachers and the work they do. This day of “honor” can be accredited to the NEA. Members of the NEA lobbied Congress to create this day of recognition, which is now observed on Tuesday of the first full week of May. Moreover, the brief examples above wholeheartedly demonstrate the invaluable role the NEA plays for its members and the field of education.

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