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Research Papers on the Nantucket Film Festival

The Nantucket Film Festival offers the community the opportunity to participate not only in the film festival itself, but to engage in social activities normally reserved for great Hollywood directors, actors and actresses. In addition to the Hollywood-style kick-off party, there are also social events such as literary readings, coffeehouse-style discussions with screenwriters and directors, and opportunities to “strike it famous” by presenting screenplays to the community. The community is certainly enriched by the social activities, but also by the proceeds that this event generates. The island economy is certainly stimulated by the activities surrounding the Nantucket Film Festival. Caterers are needed for parties, banquet rooms and areas are rented for these parties, as well as for the screening of the new movies. In addition, the lodging and restaurant businesses receive a great boost as well.

  • The Nantucket Film Festival is produced by Access Marketing Group. Nantucket Film Festival
  • The Festival has a Board of Directors, a Screening Committee responsible for viewing entries to the festival, and a Board of Advisors.
  • The Festival allows and encourages people from the community as well as potential screenwriters, directors and actors to volunteer.
  • The Film Festival has been an annual event since 1996, and has generated great economical and social benefits for Nantucket Island.
  • In addition to the boost to the economy, the Festival allows the residents of Nantucket to participate in a unique festival, and gives them the opportunity to view movies from independent screenwriters and directors that others in the nation may never see.

Large numbers of people in attendance can best be dealt with by obtaining substantial security, and ensuring lodging and accommodations are available for not only the V.I.P.s of the event but also for the many who come to the festival from around the nation.

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