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Muslim Americans

Muslim Americans comprise the third largest religious group in the United States, behind Christians and those of the Jewish faith. Approximately 1% of the population of the nation is Muslim, or 3.3 million people. Those who practice the Muslim faith come from a wide variety of racial backgrounds and social groups. Muslim AmericansSome Muslim Americans are immigrants to the nation while others are native born; those in the latter group were likely to have converted to Islam in the past seventy years. Individuals who have recently converted to Islam in the United States are largely African American, with less than a third of converts being white, and only 6% identifying as Hispanic.

Among Muslim Americans, there are several subgroups of people. The oldest subgroup is the Ahmaddiya Muslim Community, founded in the early 1920s. A few decades later, the Black Muslim movement emerged, including the Moorish Science Temple of America and the Nation of Islam. In the latter of these, prominent individuals like Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X brought Islam and its followers into the forefront of American society. Despite tackling such issues as racial discrimination, segregation, and cultural assimilation, members of the Nation of Islam were heavily criticized for being anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-Semitic. Other subgroups of American Muslims include the Quaranic movement, Shia Islam, Sufism, and those Muslims who do not belong to any one specific denomination.

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