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Munich Agreement Research Papers

This is a topic suggestion on Munich Agreement from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be. World War II and the events that led up to it are complex. Have Paper Masters help you with world history research and outline events such as the Munic Agreement clearly in a custom written project.

Preceding the Munich Agreement, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was convinced that war could be avoided in Europe by meeting with Hitler and accepting some of his demands.  In 1938 he flew to Germany for a series of negotiations between the following key players:

Hitler had demanded the Sudetenland area of Czechoslovakia as a region of ethnic Germans, desiring to annex it to the Reich.

Munich Agreement

Europe and the Munich Agreement

Desperate to avoid war, Britain and France acquiesced to the Nazis, and German troops marched into the Sudetenland in October 1938.  In March 1939, Germany occupied the remaining parts of Czechoslovakia, nullifying the Munich Pact.  War followed in September, when Poland was invaded.  Munich became a symbol of the dangers of appeasement, and Chamberlain was laughed into retirement, replaced by Winston Churchill.

Hitler and the Munich Agreement

Sealing the power of Hitler was his victorious abandonment of the oppressive Versailles Treaty and the building of the navel program, which allowed Germany to occupy the Rhineland with little to no opposition.  Hitler’s skill at oration and negotiation allowed him to enact the Munich Agreement of 1938, which attacked the stability of the British and the French.  The German people were exhilarated by Hitler’s strong leadership and forceful policies of land acquisition which included the dismantlement of the Czechoslovakian State.  Hitler made friends with Russia and set his sites to Poland, which had the guarantee of independence backed by France and England.  On September 1st, with the blessing of the German people, German armies invaded Poland and World War II was ignited. By the time the war actually began, the issue of Russia and communism took second seat to the threat that Hitler made on the West. Hitler had changed his plan from Russian attack to gaining the smaller regions to the West and building his armies.

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