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Multimedia Journalism

Information today is increasingly tied to new forms of communication. The old black and white newspaper as the sole source of information is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Yet individuals still require access to news. Multimedia journalism combines text, images, video and graphics in order to tell stories. Multimedia JournalismMultimedia journalism students learn how to combine these different media, often using social media, as the means of keeping the public informed.

Multimedia journalism occurs in newspapers, at radio stations, and on television, in addition to the newer web-based platforms. Multimedia journalists learn to sample animation, graphics, and raw data, occasionally even seeking public import via channels such as Twitter or Facebook. Many larger corporations employ an expert in multimedia journalism in order to help promote corporate communications.

Students majoring in multimedia journalism will learn how to gather information and investigate leads on a news story. In many ways, this part of the job remains unchanged from the old newspaper days. However, today’s computer-driven world also requires learning skill sets, including web design, social media, and monitor worldwide reaction. Multimedia journalism remains one of the fastest growing career fields in the emerging world of mass communications. Human communication is largely becoming a visual skill, and multimedia journalism facilitates this new communication.

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