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Research Papers on MRSA in Sports

Research papers on MRSA in sports look at the many dangers of athletes acquiring MRSA due to the closeness of proximity of their bodies. If you need research on MRSA or MRSA in sports, Paper Masters has medical health specialist that will custom write your project for you.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a strain of bacteria that is resistant to most common forms of antibiotic treatment. MRSA has become a serious public health issue over the last several years. The fatality rate associated with MRSA infections is much higher than fatality rates associated with other staphylococci infections. MRSA in SportsAlthough MRSA emerged as a problem primarily in the hospital or other healthcare settings, it has not become a problem in the community. The indication that MRSA has become a problem in many communities can be found in the increasing incidence of the infection among athletes, especially those who participate in contact sports.

MRSA is a contagious infection that is spread through physical or skin-to-skin contact with the bacteria, which means that athletes participating in sports such as weightlifting, wrestling as well as football and basketball are at greater risk for contracting MRSA. Because of the risk of MRSA in the athletic environment, the CDC has developed guidelines for athletes on methods to prevent infection. These include the following:

  • Showering after sports events, including practices.
  • Avoiding sharing personal items such as towels or other items that come in contact with the skin.

The CDC has also developed information and advice for athletic directors and coaches to help reduce the risk and/or spread of MRSA among the athletes that they work with.

The occurrence of this type of bacteria, along with its vancomycin resistant counterpart, has been on the rise over the last decade.  Estimates show that approximately one-half of the Staphlococcus aureus organisms encountered in patients within intensive care units are MRSA. 

The transmission and subsequent infection and colonization of pathogens resulting in nosocomial infections occur through a variety of different modes, all involving direct contact. These methods include contaminated water, improper sterilization of equipment, unsanitary conditions, and unclean personal protective equipment. Research has demonstrated that Staphylococcus aureus infections occurring in infant nurseries most often are the result of hand-borne transmission.  Additionally, healthcare workers can unknowingly transfer MRSA from one patient to another.  Other organisms may be spread through bed linens, utensils, blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, or other equipment coming into direct contact with patient skin.

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