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Research Papers on Motivation in the Classroom

How do you start a Motivation in the Classroom research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Motivation in the classroom is an important aspect of the educational environment due to the following important factors:

  1. Children who are not motivated are generally poor learners, and to some extent, have behavioral problems.
  2. Motivation will be difficult to achieve in students without some history of success in their efforts at learning.  Motivation in the ClassroomI
  3. ntrinsic motivation, which is necessary for the child to become a lifelong learner, will be impossible to accomplish. 

Another area that is related to motivation is the training of students to accept delayed gratification.  Again, this is accomplished by instilling intrinsic motivation in the student.  The teacher must transfer desire for concrete rewards to internal rewards that the student builds within his or her cognitive process.  But this cannot be accomplished until the child is cognitively ready to think in such terms.

Research clearly shows that students who are not academically prepared are not academically motivated.  Of course, because of ethical concerns it would be difficult to examine this relationship in a format that would suggest a causal connection.  However, it seems only logical that if a child were not cognitively prepared to learn a skill or understand a concept because of his or her stage of cognitive child development, this would impact the student’s motivation and the teacher’s ability to effectively build intrinsic motivation within the child’s learning process.  Consequently, in order for the teacher to accomplish the goals of motivation and skill building, it would appear to necessary for the primary strategy within the classroom to be one determining the child’s cognitive level or readiness before teaching a task.  If the task is beyond the stage or capability of the child, then he or she will experience failure, which will reduce his or her level of motivation.

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