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Mosque Near Ground Zero Research Papers

Research papers written on the construction of a mosque near ground zero would examine the details of the proposed plan including its goal and purposes as an Islamic cultural center. Research papers on the subject would look at the following:

  1. The controversy that the prospect of a mosque near ground zero has caused including the groups that support the construction and those that are against it.Mosque Near Ground Zero
  2. Research papers on a mosque near ground zero would examine what proponents identify as the value and advantages of constructing an Islamic cultural center at ground zero.
  3. Research papers on a mosque near ground zero would also look at what opponents of the center identify as the detriment or disadvantages of such a construction at the location.

The Debate Concerning the Mosque

When an Islamic organization petitioned the city of New York for permission to construct an Islamic cultural center in close proximity to the location where the former World Trade Center was destroyed, it created a firestorm of debate on the legality as well as the morality of such a plan. Although the proposed location is actually more than a block-and-a-half away from ground zero where the Twin Towers fell, opponents argue that its construction is an affront to the thousands who lost their lives at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists. Proponents of the cultural center argue that rejecting its construction at the location is the same as denying its organizers the freedom of religion that is guaranteed by the Constitution.

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