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Morals and Markets

Write and type review/critique of the book by Viviana Zelizer. Morals and Markets: The Development of Life Insurance in the United States (NY:Columbia University, 1979).

The development of life insurance could only occur after people were persuaded that the product was not immoral.

The following format should be included in Morals and Markets Research Paper:

Length: should not exceed 12 double -spaced type-written pages. Format of review is obligatory. In order to obtain full credit, you must follow it, and label each section of your review to correspond with italicized format heading.

Label sections of your paper clearly - Morals and Markets

  1. Title Page: contains your name and the title plus bibliographical details (publisher: Place of publication, date of publication, and date of first publication if
    different) of the book you are reviewing. 1 page.Morals and Markets
  2. Description of contents: Description explains the book's orienting problem, methods, data, and research design, if any. The book's orienting problem is the question the author is attempting to solve by writing this book. Methods, data, and research design refer to the manner by which the author obtained the information necessary to reach the book's conclusions. This section should be 3 pgs. long.
  3. Analysis: here you describe the author's results and you compare these results with what you learned in the course required reading and lectures about the same or similar problems. Example: does the book you reviewed say something different than anything you read or heard in class? Does it amplify or expand the aforesaid without contradicting same? If so, how? 5 pages long. This is the key section.
  4. Evaluation: Reach an evaluated conclusion about the book you read. To evaluate means to explain how good it was. You may consider the following kinds of questions in evaluating: Why was this book not a waste of your time if, in fact, it wasn't? Do you believe its conclusions? Is the book important in any sense? Would the world be a better place if more people read this book? 1 page long.

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