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Monroe Doctrine

A big part of U.S. History courses are writing history research papers. Since the Monroe Doctrine was an essential part of United States history, Paper Masters has specialists in US History to help you write your Monroe Doctrine Research Paper.

The Monroe Doctrine, primarily written by Secretary of State John Quincy Adams was a warning to European governments that they would not be allowed to interfere with the Western Hemisphere’s matters. President James Monroe gave included this strongly worded warning in his annual message to Congress on December 2, 1823. The purpose of his message was:

  • To warn European governments that there would be consequences if they continued to try to colonize the Western Hemisphere or try to institute puppet monarch governments.
  • This foreign policy also stated the United States’ neutral stand on future European conflict.
  • The spread of European governments into the Western Hemisphere was a concern for the United States because Russia had tried to establish control of the Alaska Territory.

Monroe Doctrine

Monroe Doctrine Invoked

Since 1823, The United States has had to enforce The Monroe Doctrine on several occasions. In 1861, France invaded Mexico and established The Second Mexican Empire. Napoleon III helped get Emperor Maximilian appointed to the throne. In 1865, The U.S. government enforced The Monroe Doctrine in their quest to help Mexican President Benito Juárez. With the support of the United States, Juárez and his military were able to revolt against Emperor Maximilian and force the French out of the area.

The Monroe Doctrine was invoked again in 1904. European creditors were threatening Latin American countries that owed them money. President Theodore Roosevelt announced that the United States would help defend the Latin American countries. One of the first lines of defense was to send a group of U.S. Marines to Santo Domingo. Later other Marines were sent to Nicaragua and Haiti to provided needed reinforcement.

President Kennedy symbolically invoked the Monroe Doctrine in 1962 when it was discovered that the Soviet Union was building missile-launching sites in Cuba. A few days later, the Soviet Union withdrew their missiles and got rid of the sites.

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