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Monarchy Research Papers

Monarchy is a broad term that requires a custom written research paper to focus your topic on a specific type of monarchy.

Monarchy is a form of government headed by a single individual, usually a king or queen (the monarch). Ascension to the monarchy is generally hereditary, with the title being passed down through generations, called a dynasty. There have been two main types of monarchy:

  1. Absolute monarchy - The sovereign holds complete power
  2. Constitutional monarchy - The sovereign plays a largely symbolic role as the head of state.

There are also elective monarchies, of which there are three modern examples:

  • Malaysia
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • The Papacy

Monarchy Throughout History

Through human history until the 19th century, monarchy was the most common form of government around the world. Monarchy, as a form of government, has certain advantages, including the immediate continuity of leadership. Under absolutism, the monarch rules autocratically, with the right to rule by decree. Louis XIV of France is a classic example of an absolute monarch. Some other absolute monarchs during the Enlightenment were known to be more liberal, including Frederick the Great of Prussia and Catherine the Great of Russia, who instituted social reforms.

Many monarchs are also in close control of the religion of the state. The Queen of England, for example, is also the head of the Anglican Church. Some less enlightened monarchs have a tendency to promote imperial cults with the monarch being seen as the incarnation of a god, as was common in Ancient Egypt.

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