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Modernity Research Papers

Modernity research papers from Paper Masters show that Modernity is a distinct and unique form of social life which characterizes modern societies.

Modernity in philosophy research paper topics used here could hardly be said to exist in any developed form until the idea of the modern was given a decisive formulation in the discourse of the following:

  • Modernity was associated with the Enlightenment in the eighteenth century.
  • In the nineteenth century, modernity became identified with industrialism and the sweeping social, economic and cultural changes associated with it.
  • In the twentieth century, several non-European societies for example, Australia and Japan joined the company of advanced industrial societies. Modernity became a progressively global phenomenon.  

Modernity embraces comprehensive theories about the world and history. It also sustains an interest in universalistic political projects and more particularly universalistic emancipatory projects. In other words, projects for a general "human emancipation" rather than very particular struggles against very diverse and particular oppressions. Modernity, is a concept that seems to capture everything aesthetics to philosophy from the eighteenth century until about the 1970s.  This long phase of modernity may, of course, be subdivided into smaller phases. It is important to note that modernity has been conceived, not just as a historical periodization or a new form of historical time, but as a world-historical project.  

Philosophically, modernity embraced a particular onto-epistemological perspective or world view. It is from this which modernity sought derive its knowledge of reality and thereby to act on that reality. The following theories have reaped the duty of realism upon society.  Modernism is the philosopher attempting to deal with the scientist's notions of socialist society.

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