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Modernism and Religion Research Papers

Modernism and religion were at war with each other and the topic makes for a very interesting research paper for a religion, history or culture course. Have the writers at Paper Master explain when the modern era came about and what was its mark on religion at the time.

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, western societies tried to reconcile their longstanding beliefs and principles with the newly discovered evidence provided through science and technology. This trend, known as modernism, has a profound impact on religious beliefs in a variety of ways.

  1. Modern scientific beliefs, including the rigor of research and the quest for scientifically proven evidence, challenged the historical teachings of various faiths and turned the focus more to the humanitarian teachings contained in the belief systems.
  2. One of the core tenets of modernism is doubt: one should doubt nearly everything until evidence has proven it to be true.
  3. Modernists often rejected tradition in favor of a more liberal interpretation of holy writings because many of the teachings of any given religion could not be verified by science,

Modernism and the Church

Modernism and religionIn the Roman Catholic Church, one of the greatest impacts of modernism was an increase in critical thinking as applied to the writings contained in the Bible. A trait that had long existed in Protestant sects, this approach caused many to reject the necessity of sacraments and prayer, believing them to only serve a psychological purpose to practitioners. The authority of the church, then, was challenged by many who agreed with this modernist approach to religion, allowing for the creation of new religious groups and belief systems within the doctrines of Catholicism.

Modernism began in the 19th century in Europe and the United States as industrialization brought many rapid and radical changes. This was a time of wealth in the Western nations. Education was increasing and photography and movies were becoming popular. Virginia Woolf said, “On or about December 1910, human character changed….All human relations have shifted—those between masters and servants, husbands and wives, parents and children. And when human relations change there is at the same time a change in religion, conduct, politics, and literature. Let us agree to place one of these changed about the year 1910.” (Pearce) High Modernism is an emphasis on impressionism and subjectivity in writing and in visual arts. High modernism was the age of vast changes in films, books, and life.

Religion in the post-modern world is invariably riddled with questions.  Among them, the most pertinent is the question of faith.  Does God exist?  Further if he does exist, which religion typifies what God would want?  Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism are just a few of the possible answers.  In the search for faith and the quintessential religion, it seems that Christianity provides most of the answers about God, his existence and the equality of religion.  Although this view has been widely refuted by scholars from various religions, when it comes to the question of faith, Christ and Christianity provide the most comprehensive answers, that this one religion stands alone among all other worldviews.

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