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How to Write a Mission Statement

Mission statements are used by organizations and businesses to communicate their goal and values. These statements not only help the organization know what they are about but also communicate their mission and goals to customers and other stakeholders. The business and MBA writers at Paper Masters will custom write a mission statement on any business you need or show you how a mission statement should look.

  1. Mission statements evolve and change as an organization changes.
  2. Mission statements and vision statements are often confused. Mission Statement
  3. Mission statements help communicate an organizations current purpose and mission. This is different from a vision statement in that a vision statement is the communication of future goals and targets that an individual or organization is working toward.
  4. It is important when developing a mission statement that the writers consider making the mission statement clear and concise and motivational to organization members and stakeholders.
  5. Ultimately a mission statement should involve all aspects of an organization or business including products sold, competitors, customers, and employees.

There are several advantages for communicating an organizations mission statement. First, by having a clear mission an organization knows what they are working toward. This clarity can make the difference for every day decisions as well as long-term decisions. There are also some disadvantages of using developing and using mission statements. First it is important to avoid creating mission statements that are not realistic. Unrealistic mission statements can negatively affect the morale of employees. The development of a mission statement can also be time consuming during the early development stages. When creating a mission statement an organization must spend time brainstorming, planning, writing, and editing the statement. It the mission statements is created but never used then it loses its overall positive effect.

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