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Miracle Method Research Papers

Research papers that use the book by Miller and Berg, Miracle Method, discuss addiction and alcohol treatment. Paper Masters will custom write a research paper using Miracle Method as a source or we can write the entire paper on Miller and Bergs book as a book review.

Unlike many of today's solutions to the problem of alcoholism, Miller and Berg offer the alcoholic a more personalized, empowering and realistic approach to the battle through their Miracle Method. Described as "a useful alternative to the disease model of addiction", the Miracle Method urges the alcoholic to imagine the miracle of recovery by recognizing the moments when drinking is not a problem and handling those times when it is.

The miracle method is represented as the following:

  1. A self-paced, interim program for those who suffer from the addiction to alcohol. 
  2. It is a method that openly challenges traditional help programs in that its initiation, duration and ultimate result is under the complete control of the alcoholic. 
  3. It requires the use of ones imagination and the application of original and personal ideas in solving the problem of alcohol dependency.

A ready reference provides the user with the eight principles that are critical to its approach. Among these principles are the opinions that not every approach works for everyone and that the number of solutions possible are many. One of its most significant tenets is that alcoholics can and do recover from addiction.

The miracle method requires more than simply ascribing to the eight principles offered. It requires "opening the door to solution" by first making the choice to succeed.  This involves consciously considering what needs to be changed and then purposely imagining the advantages (the miracle) those changes will bring to ones life.

Miller and Berg have outlined six key concepts to assist the alcoholic in moving forward once the "door" is opened.  Miracle Method

  1. The first is making sure that the miracle is important enough.  Making the end result important enough provides the motivation required to proceed further.
  2. The second concept is to keep it small. Setting unusually high standards is a prescription for failure, where smaller, but just as significant goals will be more achievable. 
  3. The third concept involves making it specific and doable. Choosing a solution that is beyond ones behavioral abilities is self-defeating, while vague or ambiguous goals make it difficult to create a plan of action.
  4. The fourth concept reminds the alcoholic to focus on what will be done rather than what won't be done. Traditional addiction assistance programs do exactly the opposite by consistently reminding the addict what it is he or she is NOT supposed to do, for example, taking that first drink.
  5. Concept five suggests focusing on the start of the journey to recovery once a miracle or goal has been determined, instead of how the trek will be ended.
  6. The sixth and final concept is being clear about the who, what and where of the journey to recovery and not the why of it.

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