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Napoleons military leadership

Napoleon's Military Leadership

This is a topic suggestion onNapoleon's Military Leadership from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Napoleon Bonaparte is best known for his military capabilities. He believed himself to be great general and the people of France were entranced with the military miracles he performed. By conquering Austria, Russia, and Prussia in the Napoleonic Era, he was ruler of the largest region of the continent of Europe at one time. He owned his own set of principles of war, which emphasized a swift offensive attack versus an aggressive defensive position. Not only were the elements of surprise and speed used but confusing the opponent was also a necessary ingredient. Napoleon did this through the supply of false information to the opponent. He supplied decoys and secondary offenses to throw off the opponent's defensive position.

Many admirable military commanders throughout history and into the current century have studied the techniques of Napoleon Bonaparte and applied them to their own military strategies. The attack on Pearl Harbor can be considered an element of Napoleon style, a surprise rapid offensive attack on its opponent. War strategies have changed considerably in light of the learned strategies employed by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Despite the elements he employed concerning the attack of his opponent, he also knew the importance of his own troops' morale. This meant battling right alongside his own men in combat. He based his military philosophy on loyalty, honor, and valor.

Napoleon's successes on the battlefield led these people to proclaim him the 'Great Liberator'. Unfortunately Napoleon only used these satellite territories as exploitation for France and not his ultimate grand empire. His desire to rule all of Europe eventually consumed him to the point that it caused his downfall. This was because, despite his legendary status, Napoleon was still a man.

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This is a topic on
Napoleons military leadership Research Papers

Napoleon's Military Leadership researches the battles and tactics of the French leader during the French Revolution.

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