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Many research papers on Afghanistan require students to overview the current situation in Afghanistan and give rational for the U.S. presence there. Paper Masters will custom write you a research paper on Afghanistan from any angle you wish. Here are a few facts on Afghanistan to help you get started with your own research paper.

  • Capital - Kabul
  • Currency - Afghan Afghani
  • Government - Islamic Republic
  • Current President (2014) - Hamid Karzai
  • Approx. Population - 29.82 Million

The United States has entered our 9th year of the war in Afghanistan. We have a new President, a new General and a new strategy. Yet many people still question what is possible to achieve there. We have increased our troop levels to over a hundred thousand soldiers needed to employ the counter insurgency strategy known as COIN.

Afghanistan and Karzai

We are backing the Karzai regime in Kabul. This regime is largely known as one of the most corrupt governments on the planet. Many of the people of Afghanistan do not even know where Kabul is, never mind know that they should be governed by them. We claim to be in Afghanistan to prevent the return of the Taliban and fight to prevent Al-Qaeda from using it as a base to conduct operations. Yet they still have free reign in the tribal regions in the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan. For this reason the area and war is often known as AfPak.

Pakistan is our ally in the region and has been fighting the Pakistani Taliban. Many question how serious the Pakistanis are in this fight. They have previously used the Taliban as a balance to the government in Afghanistan. For the entire Bush administration they used our aid to buy weapons to fight India.

Taliban and Afghanistan

Many think the real reason for our presence in the AfPak region is the stability of the Pakistani nuclear weapons. Pakistan has somewhere between 50-100 nuclear weapons. The Pakistani Taliban threatens the stability of the Pakistani government. It is suspected that if the Taliban were to gain access to the Pakistani nuclear arsenal they would possibly pass it along to terrorist organizations to be used in nuclear terrorism. Regardless of the outcome, it seems likely that we'll be in Afghanistan for a decade or more. At least until our political leaders have the courage to tell us the truth.


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