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Battle of Olustee

Battle of Olustee

Paper Masters has many writers that are well versed in writing on the major battles of any military conflict. Even the lessor known battles of the Civil War, such as the Battle of Olustee, provide excellent topics for our writers to write on.

Although the general public's knowledge of the history of the Civil War does not typically include the battles fought in the region recognized as the state of Florida, the conflicts that occurred in neighboring states did at several crucial junctions extend into this vicinity. The most significant engagement between the Union and Confederate forces fought in Florida is known as the Battle of Olustee, which refers to a town located near the battle site.

How to Write a Research Paper on the Battle of Olustee

In your research paper on the Battle of Olustee, you will want to present the following:

  1. Thorough analysis of the Battle of Olustee
  2. Analyze the pertinent historical data from several different perspectives.
  3. Present an overview of the events that took place at Olustee within the larger context of the Civil War as a whole, with particular emphasis placed upon the circumstances that historians point to as culminating in the Battle of Olustee.
  4. Present a detailed chronological description of the strategic and tactical moves that defined the outcome of the skirmish.
  5. Review the lasting consequences of the battle, from the perspective of the Civil War and that of Florida as a political entity.

As with any historical event, there are as many interpretations of the particular circumstances that caused the Battle of Olustee as there are historians and scholars who have made investigations into the conflict. Some of these theories, seeming to have been formulated in the interest of advancing the world view or political agenda of particular individuals, are more controversial than others. In this research paper, report the commonly accepted version of events leading up to the Battle of Olustee itself, although it should be noted that all historians do not unanimously accept this interpretation.

The Battle and Seceding States

Although Florida had joined several other Southern states in seceding from the Union in 1861, the state's meager population base and what was initially interpreted as its lack of any readily exploitable industry resulted in Florida playing little significant role in most of the major battles that defined the War Between the States, other than the contribution of over 15,000 men to assist the Confederate forces. As the battle progressed, the Confederate leaders began to rely on Florida's cattle and the resulting stores of beef and leather, as well as the lucrative industry that processed seawater to reveal its valuable salt components. Although Florida as a state had demonstrated extreme pro-Confederacy fervor in the early stages of the war effort, the residents became increasingly cynical and despondent, as the Confederacy's chances for attaining a victory grew increasingly unlikely. Ultimately, much of the state disavowed association with either warring faction. This fact, paired with the relative geographical isolation of the state, helps to explain why Florida eventually became one of the primary destinations for men who were avoiding being forced into military service, as well as for those who had deserted their posts.

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