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Mexican Immigration Laws

One of the continuing hot-button political issues in the United States is illegal immigration, especially from Mexico. However, illegal immigration is also a problem in Mexico, and many Mexican immigration laws are tougher than those found in the United States.

In May 2011, Mexican President Felipe Calderon signed the Migration Law, which replaced the General Law of Population of 1970, and guaranteed that both foreigners and Mexican nationals receive equal treatment under the law. Mexican Immigration LawsThe vast majority of legal immigrants in Mexico come from the United States, a large majority of which are retirees, seeking cheaper living conditions than those found in the US.

Many illegal immigrants flow into Mexico from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, as people flee both abject poverty and narcoterrorism in those countries. The 2015 Temporary Migrant Regularization Program is a new immigration law designed to help resident foreigners in Mexico who did not formally apply for citizenship, but wish to remain in the country and participate in civic life.

Mexican immigration laws are designed to ensure that those legally in the country can sustain themselves economically, are free of a criminal record, and will contribute to the well being of the nation. Mexico attempts to keep track of every tourist and immigrant. Those who enter Mexico illegally may be imprisoned.

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