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Menopause represents a very significant stage in a woman’s life.  Not only is it a time of dramatic physiological changes but the female menopause may also be marked by dramatic emotional and sexual changes that can influence behavior and view of life.  If the menopausal female is married, these physical and emotional changes may also influence the emotional and sexual behavior of her partner, largely because the transformations associated with menopause are often accompanied by negative elements such as physical discomfort, depression and a negative perception of self.  Even more, the woman experiencing menopause is vulnerable not only to the attitudes of her partner in response to her condition but also to the attitudes of society on menopause and midlife overall.


During and after menopause one of the most frequent concerns expressed by women is that their partner will no longer be interested in them either as a woman or sexual partner.  Unfortunately, women seldom recognize that midlife is also a stage where men have similar concerns including the lack of interest by his partner of his own sexual failure (Menopause). These concerns coupled with the concerns of the woman can work to create a difficult period of adjustment and understanding and offer major implications for seeking greater understanding of and communication during menopause. 

An Author suggest that the menopausal female’s partner can play a vital role in understanding the “sexual function of menopause”.  At the same time, her partner is influential in facilitating the successful and productive survival of menopause.  This is true on both the emotional and physical levels as one generally influences the other in female functioning and during menopause especially.  An Author support this assertion by citing a study, which demonstrated that for women who were recently menopausal,that “a decrease in sexual frequency resulted from a decline in marital adjustment, partner interest, and partner availability”.

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