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Medieval Times

This is a sample beginning of a research paper on Medieval Times. Paper Masters will compose a custom project form your guidelines.

The Medieval Times, also known as the Middle Ages, is the time period that takes place between the fall of Rome and the beginning of the Renaissance Period. This period has been traditionally known as a time without many scientific or artistic advances, but some modern scholars say this is not an accurate picture of the Medieval Times.

Commonly known features of Medieval Times include the following:

  • Rise of the Catholic Church
  • The Crusades
  • Feudal Rulers and Kings
  • Rise of Muslim Religion
  • Time rich in Music and Art

Beginning of Medieval Times

Medieval Times

After the fall of Rome, the Catholic Church became the most powerful institution across the European nations. Governing monarch gained much of their power by aligning themselves with the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church was able to establish itself as a wealthy and powerful entity because it was exempt from taxation and required the European citizens to tithe ten percent of their wages. Most towns and cities across Europe had large cathedrals or monasteries built in the center of town. Religious art donned the walls of the cathedrals including frescoes and mosaics.

At the same time, the Muslim religion began picking up popularity. With the Islamic influence, cities had rich culture like poetry, science, philosophy, and technology. The Muslim religion was taught across the Middle East with the newly translated Quran.

The Church and the Crusades

The Crusades are one of the most famous events of the Medieval Times beginning around 1095. The Catholic Church wanted to rid the Holy Land of the Muslim influence. The Pope sent an army into Jerusalem to clean out the city. Crusaders believed their participation would give them admittance to Heaven. The Catholic Church also rewarded the Crusaders for their service. Thousands of people from each side died during the war.

Feudalism was one type of government in Medieval Society. The governing monarch gave pieces of land to noblemen and bishops. Serf, peasants, worked the land in exchange for a place to live. Agricultural advances led to an increase of food supply. This excess of food led to an increase in overall population.

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