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Medieval Art

The Medieval Period spans 1000 years and is rich with artistic traditions. Many world history courses will cover the art of the Medieval Era as well as Art History courses. When writing a research paper on Medieval Art, be sure to cover the historical elements that play into the work as well as the artistic achievements. Paper Masters can write a Medieval Art research paper for you or use what you see here as an idea to get you started in your writing.

Medieval Style

Art did not begin with the Renaissance. Medieval art, while not as technically perfect in some of its aspects, was largely used to express religious ideas. The medieval artistic mind lent itself to painting, sculpture and architecture, producing great works that continue to be admired and even studied by the Medieval Art Organization.

Styles of Medieval Art:

Medieval Religious Art Works

Medieval Art

Not every piece of medieval art was religious, but the cultural domination of the Church meant that a large number of pieces were commissioned for religious purposes. Most medieval painting was two dimensional without regard for space and perspective. Various religious figures were often represented as icons. Scenes from the Bible were produced in order to convey meaning to an illiterate population. Indeed, the production of many Bibles themselves, copied by hand by monks, is considered to be works of art for their ornate detail and artistic ornamentation.

The Gothic Era in Architecture

In architecture, the Gothic Cathedral can perhaps be held up as an artistic triumph. These massive cathedrals which dot the landscape of Europe took over a century to complete, and are achievements in both construction and design. Each of these massive structures was laid out like a cross, but rise hundreds of feet into the air, supported by thin flying buttresses which disperse the load of concrete, allowing for vast arched ceilings. Notre Dame in Paris is the quintessential Gothic cathedral.

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