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Speech and down syndrome

Speech and Down Syndrome

Research papers on speech and Down syndrome link the two and examine how speech is affected in a child with Down Syndrome. Medical health writers can research and write on any medical condition you need examined.

When it comes to the issues that face children with Down Syndrome it is clear that educators have a wide range of issues to address in the classroom. Key among these issues is language and speech development. Attempting to assess whether characteristics of developmental apraxia of speech (DAS) can be found in children diagnosed with Down syndrome, research papers have investigated the presence of this disorder in children who were experiencing difficulty with speech intelligibility. According to research papers from Paper Masters there is a wide breadth of research that concludes that this phenomenon occurs significantly in a general population of children.

Down Syndrome and Apraxia

The results of the investigation indicate that the all participants showed some degree of characteristics of developmental apraxia of speech in children with down syndrome. The most common of which were:

  • Decreased intelligibility with increased length of utterance,
  • Inconsistency of speech errors
  • Decreased ability to perform voluntary tasks as compared to automatic tasks
  • Difficulty sequencing oral movements and sounds
  • A pattern of receptive language superior to expressive language.

The research papers conclude that educators must address this phenomenon, as there is currently an extent body of literature that provides information on how to effectively circumvent the negative effects that can result because of this condition.

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Speech and down syndrome Research Papers

Speech and Down Syndrome research papers examine problems with down syndrome children for educators.

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