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Retinal Disease

Retinal Disease

The retina is one of the most important parts of the eye, as it is the tissue that senses light and relaying messages to the brain. Without a retina that is fully functional, an individual can experience difficulty seeing small details, reading, or even driving. A retinal disease is one that impacts this sensitive tissue, sometimes to the point of blindness.

While nearly everyone experiences "floaters" in their field of vision, they often go away quickly. If they remain, though, it could be the sign of a torn retina; this can, in turn, lead to a buildup of fluid behind the retina, causing it to tear away from the rest of the eye, a condition called reginal detachment. Equally concerning is the condition called macular degeneration. This is often age-related, and frequently causes vision loss; over 10 million people experience the symptoms of this disease. Individuals can experience general blurriness or the presence of blind spots; nearly all of these can be treated with a variety of options to slow the overall progression of the disease.

Some retinal diseases only impact certain populations. Diabetics, for example, can experience diabetic retinopathy. This occurs when the blood vessels in the rear of the eye leak fluid due to their breakdown caused by diabetes. Others are more broad in the population they can apply to, including damage to the epiretinal membrane, resulting in the appearance of crinkled plastic wrap on the surface of the eye, or a macular hole, which is when a small hole is detected in the center of the retina. No matter what the symptoms, though, it is imperative that an individual experiencing eye pain seek medical attention as soon as the present themselves; failing to do so can result in complications that can compromise the integrity of one's overall vision.

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