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Process In Medline

Process in Medline

P- Adult asthmatics patients.
I- Education
C-Self care management by patient and family
O- Improved health and functional status

I. Description for Search Process in Medline Research Paper:
Medline Search Results Paper is a demonstration of student's ability to take a clinical question, shape it according to PICO format and find relevant, valid evidence to address that question. The paper is not about asthma or adult education - it is about the search process in Medline and application of the strategies learned in tutorials.

II. Housekeeping for Search Process in Medline Research Paper:

  1. Length - 1 - 2 pages
  2. double-spaced - extra pages will not be read and will not count towards your grade.
  3. Word Processing Format - Microsoft Word ONLY Text Format
  4. APA with bibliography
  5. Medline only acceptable database for the search

III. Instructions for Completion of Assignment Conduct a Medline Search on the following clinical question:

Does education of the patient and the family in self-care management result in improved health and functional status in adult asthmatics?

IV. Requirements for Content in Search Process in Medline Research Paper:

  1. NR 448 writing assignments require the use of technical writing skills which are different from creative writing.
  2. Technical writing strives for clarity and brevity, explaining concepts and describing steps in a process with precision.
  3. For the best success, stick closely to directions and do not introduce non-required material.
  4. PICO Format Shape the above clinical question on adult asthmatics (II. above) according to PICO . Show the results - state the elements of PICO question on adult asthmatics.
  5. Conduct the Search Using the PICO elements stated in #1 as search terms, conduct a search in Medline database to find evidence about the clinical question. Document and describe the search so that strategy could be duplicated by the reader.
    To document the search, state exactly how it was conducted -- what terms were entered into the database, how and why search was narrowed, what terms yielded the most relevant results, reasoning for changing terms (if applicable) etc. Include limits applied; do not apply limits "local holdings", or "full text" at any time.
  6. Report number of studies or articles gathered by final search.
  7. techniques to search Medline database.
  8. Summarize 2 Relevant Studies . Summarize the abstracts of the 2 studies that best address the issue with regard to adult asthmatics. State the study design, number of subjects, data collection methods, etc - whatever is shown in the abstract.
  9. Most of studies found will not have full text available so abstracts serve for analysis of studies.
  10. Include citations of relevant studies in bibliography.
  11. Defense of Choices
  12. Defend the choice of these 2 studies. Why do these 2 articles, out of all the studies shown in Medline, comprise the best evidence to answer the clinical question?
  13. Briefly name the characteristics of the studies that convince the reader of their validity - use information given in Summaries (#3 above). For indicators of validity of studies.
  14. APA Format
  15. Grammar and Spelling

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Process In Medline Research Papers

Search Process in Medline Research Papers examine an example of an order placed for a medical research paper using a specific format called PICO.

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