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Pressure Ulcer

Pressure Ulcer

Pressure ulcers, more commonly known as bedsores, occur when an individual endures pressure on the skin for a lengthy period of time; this continuous pressure causes damage to the skin and the tissues beneath it. They are especially common in areas where bony parts of the body rest against surfaces; when joints rest against a bed, for example, bedsores can develop quickly without proper rotation, cleaning, and ventilation. Because of this requirement of constant pressure, those individuals who are most likely to suffer from bedsores are those who have limited mobility; individuals who are bedridden or who are otherwise restricted to one location or position are more likely to have bedsores than someone in the population at large. For those limited to a wheelchair, bedsores are more likely to occur on the tailbone, shoulder blades, spine, or back of arms and legs. Individuals who are restricted to a bed are more likely to experience bedsores on the back of the head, the hip, lower back, heels, ankles, or skin behind the knees.

There are warning signs of bedsores that health care professionals, as well as patients and their families, can look out for: a strange color or texture to the skin, tenderness, swelling, pus-like draining or fluid, or skin that is warmer or cooler than surrounding areas. The severity of the bedsore results in its classification into a specific category; they can range from unbroken skin and mild tenderness to injuries that reach into the muscle and bone. At the first sign of a mild bedsore, the patient should remove pressure for a period of 24 to 48 hours; this allows the body the opportunity to heal on its own. If no progress is made in this time, one should consult a physician. As with any injury, if there is a foul odor;, increased redness, warmth, or swelling; or a fver, one should seek medical attention immediately. Failure to treat a bedsore can result in bone or joint infections, cellulitis, or sepsis.

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Pressure Ulcer Research Papers

Research papers on pressure ulcers discuss the ailment, more commonly known as bedsores, that occurs when an individual endures pressure on the skin for a lengthy period of time.

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