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Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance

Areas to be addressed in the paper:

I. The topic or Issue: Presentation and Exposition

A. Identify a significant topic/issue in the specialty area that can be thoroughly reviewed in the literature.

a. Evaluation criteria

1. Clarity of topic and purpose-Clearly states in the introduction to the paper the topic or issue and the reason(s) for its selection. The purpose of the review is well defined, concisely stated, and congruent with the selected topic or issue.

2. Significance-states significance of the topic for nursing practice, education, and/or research. The history and importance of the topic or issue are described.

B. Provide an overview of the paper's organization

a. Evaluation criteria

1. Organization of review-Clearly describes how review is organized, including conceptualization of approach and rationale for articles selected for review, and other inclusion criteria (e.g., "only nursing authors," "only nursing journals", "only journals since 1998"). Significant theory articles can be older.

II. Literature Review: Critical Analysis

A. Demonstrate a theoretical approach to the topic/issue and critically analyze relevant literature. Note: In some cases, the discussion of the theory may be more appropriate under section III (Implications) than here

a. Evaluation criteria
1. Quality of references-Reviews references significant to the area, including classic and current works.
2. Quality of theoretical discussion-Clearly discusses a relevant theory that demonstrates an enhanced understanding of the topic or issue.
B. Build a case for depicting major gaps or accomplishments in
the literature.
a. Evaluation criteria
1. Addresses elements of critique-Non-research literature
(theory and issues):
1) Clearly articulates main points of the article
2) Establishes credibility of the author/content
2. Research literature (the following criteria are addressed)
1) Sample-subjects and selection criteria
2) Design-appropriateness of design; threats to
internal/external validity
3) Procedure-description of procedural steps
4) Measures-reliability and validity; description/definition
of measurement
5) Results-data analyses described, data fully presented,
findings logically presented
6) Conclusions-author's interpretation of findings, author's
discussions of limitations, and
author's discussion of generalizations.
Some of this info could be provided in a summary
2. Quality of critique and interpretation
1) Demonstrates ability to accurately evaluate the elements
listed above and their potential.
contribution to knowledge and evidence based practice

III. Discussion and Application

A. Summarize the literature review. In some cases the
discussion of the theory may be more appropriate
here than under Section II.
a. Evaluation criteria
1) Critical and original analysis-analyzes the body of
literature that was reviewed in section II.
Summarizes the significant accomplishments in the
literature. Presents discussion congruent
with the reviewed articles and appropriate to the topic and
B. Interpret and discuss implications for the practice of
nursing in the specialty area. Identify
researchable questions in this field of nursing.
a. Evaluation criteria
1) Integration, synthesis and implications- describes the relationships among major findings and identifies gaps in literature. Formulates pertinent, researchable questions, propositions, and hypotheses based on the synthesis of findings/gaps. Discusses significance and implications for nursing practice, education, and/or research in the specialty area.

How to Organize Insulin Resistance Research Paper:

  • 4-5 pages on pathophysiology
  • 5-6 pages on Insulin Resistance
  • remainder of pages on theoretical approach, assessment, implementation, implications, impact, gaps, and recommendations.

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