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Research paper on the topic of Eczema done to a Masters standard using the following format. Paper Masters custom writes all medical health research papers to focus on any disease or disorder you wish. We have helped countless nursing professionals with dissertations, course writing requirements and difficult writing assignments. Have a writer provide you with a project on Eczema to fulfill requirements on presenting a disease of the skin.

Paper Masters suggests that you outline and set up your research paper on eczema in the following way:


  1. What group of people does this disease normally affect and the statistics?


  1. What is the cause of the disease?

Pathophysiology of the disease Eczema:

  1. Process what happens in the body tissue including:
    1. Clinical signs and symptoms
    2. Red flag symptoms

    Be sure to present different diagnosis's and investigations, such as - What other diseases does it look similar to, that need to be ruled out by investigations, name any investigative tools used.

Overview of Eczema:

If you have ever had to go to the doctor for skin problems associated with blistering, dry skin, severe rash, and skin discoloration due to dryness of the skin, then most likely you are suffering from a condition known as Eczema.

The symptoms of the Eczema are numerous. A doctor will most likely examine the whole body, trying to find if there are any other problems associated with the disorder. The reason for this is that eczema can occur all over the body, including around the eyes, and other parts where the skin is thin.

The usual problems associated with this disorder are:

  • Itching;
  • Inflammation;
  • Scaling;
  • Lichenification;
  • Altered skin color;
  • Scratch marks;
  • Crust;
  • Cracking;
  • Small blisters;
  • Problems with the nails;
  • The sebaceous glands, which helps to lubricate the skin

Other areas that can be affected are the tongue, eyes, enlarged lymph glands, malnutrition, and shock. In sever cases a person can die from a lack of blood to vital organs because it is being redirected towards the damaged areas of the skin. In this case a patient is taken immediately to the hospital.

When trying to understand the cause(s) of Eczema, we must first look at the preventive methods used to diagnose the condition before it is a problem. The primary targets which the doctor will concentrate upon are:

    1. Do you itch?
    2. Do you have a rash characteristic of eczema?
    3. Have you ever had the characteristic rash of Eczema; if so, did your rash develop before you were two years old?
    4. Has your skin been generally dry in the last year?
    5. Has anyone in your immediately family had asthma, hay fever, or eczema?

If you answer yes to two of these questions, then your chances of having this Eczema are very high.

When trying to treat the condition, doctors will have many strategies to take considering that there are a multitude of treatments that will control the condition. The fact does remain that many of these treatments have not been researched. Doctors usually discover what helps their patient is their experience with several patients who have the same condition. Treatment depends upon the individual. Many patients move from one form to another or combining, hoping to control the Eczema.

Treatments given to patients are divided up into four categories. These are:

    1. Treatments supported by research;
    2. Treatments with initial research results that seem encouraging;
    3. Treatments that seem to work but require more research;
    4. Treatments with no supporting research. Number 4 seems to be the most widely used method. Doctors rely mostly upon their prior experiences with patients to determine if a treatment works.

Those treatments supported by research include the following:

    1. Psychological Therapy;
    2. Topical Steroids;
    3. Ultraviolet light;
    4. Cyclosporine.

Promising treatments are:

Treatments that require more research are the following:

    1. Antimicrobial Medication;
    2. Capsaicin;
    3. Dust Mite Allergen;
    4. Hospitalization;
    5. Hypnotherapy and Bio Feedback;
    6. Interferon Gamma Injections;
    7. Nurse Education;
    8. Platelet-Activating Factor (PAH) Antagonist;
    9. Ranitidine, sold as Zantac;
    10. Salt Baths;
    11. Suplatast Tosilat;
    12. Oolong Tea;
    13. Thymic extracts;
    14. Topical Immunomodulators;
    15. Transfer Factor;

The treatments with no supporting research are as follows:

    1. Aroma Therapy;
    2. Avoidance of Enzyme Rich Detergents;
    3. Bioresonance Therapy;
    4. Elimination diets;
    5. Fabrics;
    6. Levamisole;
    7. Nitrazepan

We can see that there are a multitude of treatments for Eczema, but the evidence that would lead doctors and scientists to classify its effectiveness would be their experience with the patient’s positive results. The reason for this is that each patient reacts differently to treatment. The doctor will have to use experience and subject comparison to give the patient effective control over their Eczema. This would not only reduce the physical conditions of the disorder, but also the psychological damage associated with the skin disorder. Effectiveness would depend upon patient response and the gradual decline of the onset of the Eczema.

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