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Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy

When the human brain does not develop properly, a host of conditions can emerge; one disorder that affects an individual's balance and posture as well as their ability to move their muscles is called cerebral palsy (CP) The term "cerebral palsy" is used to describe a variety of conditions with varying symptoms. What they all have in common is that there are problems with the muscles, usually weakness - called palsy - and that the root can be traced to a problem with the brain, hence the "cerebral" element of the term. Some individuals with CP have very mild symptoms and are able to walk with relatively little assistance; others have very profound cases and are confined to a wheelchair and require care for the duration of their life. While CP does not progress in severity, the nature of the symptoms can change as one ages.

The vast majority of individuals with CP have what is known as spastic CP; they experience stiff muscles and subsequent awkward movements. Others are diagnosed with dyskinetic CP, manifesting in a general inability to control their extremities, including their arms and legs. Those with ataxic CP experience symptoms primarily dealing with balance and coordination. While there is no cure for CP, treatment can ensure a higher quality of life for the patient, no matter how severe their CP. By incorporating the services of various health care professionals, including physical and occupational therapists; the use of assistive technologies such as braces and canes; and close monitoring of the efficacy of various medications by one's physician, patients with CP can live healthy, engaging lives.

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Cerebral Palsy Research Papers

Research Papers on cerebral palsy will look into the disorder that affects an individual’s balance and posture as well as their ability to move their muscles.

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