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Health Care Delivery System

Health Care Delivery System

A health care delivery system is the modern nomenclature for any organization of institutions, people and resources that deliver health care to a given population. The largest number of providers in any health care delivery system is the nurse, who is essential to all levels of care. There are a number of different institutions that make up such as system, including hospitals, clinics, and medical laboratories.

There are five main ways in which a health care delivery system can be funded: taxation, social health insurance, private health insurance, out-of-pocket payment, or charity. Many countries have a combination of all five ways contributing to their functioning delivery system. Additionally, technology is increasingly important. The invention of electronic health records has allowed for multiple and simultaneous access to medical records, often making patient care more efficient.

Despite the growth of the health care delivery system in the United States, there are several critical areas facing staffing shortages. Nurses, already noted as key on all levels, are increasingly in short supply. As a result, many nurses face increase patient loads and 12-hour shifts, rather than the traditional 8-hour workday. Many healthcare delivery systems across America are aggressively seeking out nurses, especially those holding bachelor degrees, often providing bonuses and tuition reimbursement in exchange for contractual employment.

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This is a topic on
Health Care Delivery System Research Papers

Health Care Delivery System research papers discuss modern nomenclature for any organization of institutions, people and resources that deliver health care to a given population.

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