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Super Sized Adolescents

Super Sized Adolescents

This will be a 5-chapter APA styled graduate thesis on the topic of childhood obesity. Use discursive writing and analyze using empirical means.

Topic for Research: Super-sized Adolescents: What are Southwest Georgians more at risk of obesity and chronic diseases?

Hypothesis: Southwest Georgia has the highest rates of childhood obesity and chronic diseases compared to the rest of the state.

This will be a comparative study using statewide and national data from CDC, ILSI (International Life Sciences Institute) and PLAY (Policy Leadership for Active Youth) in Georgia.

Research will look at how Southwest Georgia compares to the rest of the state and why we have higher rates of chronic diseases. Look at how we contribute to other studies and why our results spiked at certain levels - such as diabetes, cancers, lack of access to health care, etc. Please use only peer reviewed sources /scholarly journals.

Identify a base theorist credited with an original idea or significant to study. Connect the dots between research and similar studies. Do 1/2 page historical review.

The format is detailed below for Super Sized Adolescents Research Paper:

Paper Format and Critical Evaluation Points

Your paper must include five Chapters in Super Sized Adolescents Research Paper.

Super Sized Adolescents Chapter 1

Chapter 1:
This would contain an introduction which includes a statement of the problem, an overview of the study, the significance of the study [its purpose, importance and application(s)], how and why it is important. It states the rationale and the scope of the study and describes in detail what you have set out to prove or demonstrate through the research.
Suggested Sub Topics:

  1. Research Question /Hypothesis
  2. Basis for Study
  3. Background
  4. Significance of the Study
  5. Definition
  6. Essential evaluation points:
    a. Must submit a properly developed proposal as defined above.
    b. Must provide a properly developed Research Question or Hypothesis
    c. Must identify base theorist
    d. Must satisfy quality assessment:
    - Good language and grammar
    - Minimal historical review (not to exceed 1 page)

Suggested Sub Topics:

  1. Identify your Base Theorist
  2. Connect the dots between your research question /hypothesis and similar studies
  3. Proper citations are always required . Proper formatting of citations
  4. Minimum of four references required
  5. Reference list must be provided
  6. Must ensure proper grammatical development and spelling
  7. Must satisfy quality assessment:
    - Good language and grammar
    - Minimal historical review (not to exceed 1 page) Literature review should reflect no less than 20% of current research and be Analytical.

Suggested Sub Topics:

  1. Population
  2. Historical Data
  3. Research Plan
  4. Essential evaluation points:
    a. What is your research plan?
    b. What is your population
    c. Source of data collection
    d. What will be your sample size?
    f. What model have you adopted (Taken from what theorist)
    g. What is your sampling technique?
    h. How will you examine and evaluate this data?
    i. Explain how the model or special tools will be utilized?
    j. Explain how your hypothesis will test or measure your data.
    k. Define your variables.

Super Sized Adolescents Data Analysis

A description of the physical steps used to collect the data. Identify the model or instruments (measuring tool) used.
Suggested Sub Topics:

  1. Data Analysis
  2. Sample techniques
  3. Describe the sample weakness
  4. Overview of Analysis
  5. Evaluate the performance /outcomes /behavior or variables in the model Essential evaluation points:
  6. This chapter will be abbreviated as directed in class. Evaluate your findings; the factors that could limit your data, where possible omission /errors could occur and the reliability of your data.
    - Next collect the data.
    - The method and the research plan are explained
    - Describe the variables used
    - Describe statistical techniques employed
    - Summarize the outcome of test (Questionnaire /model /other tool)

Summary /Conclusions
Must refer to:

  1. State possible Implications for future research
  2. What are the results (or expected results) of your Hypothesis or Question
  3. Are your results consistent with previous research
  4. Is it necessary to interpret the results for your reader Essential evaluation points:
    a. Summary, Discussion and Recommendations.
    b. The results of your study are stated.
    c. Also presents any significant findings directly while states conclusions drawn.
    d. Remember, the required heading should be: Summary, Conclusions &
    e. Summarize finding from Chapter 4.
    Reference page should adequately support literature. No internet references. Identify gaps in literature.

Most important: Using a local issue - it must explore, compare and contrast the local issue to similar national research.

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