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Medicine In 19Th Century

Medicine in 19th Century

Research papers that explore medicine in the 19th Century often look at the educational requirements to doctors, the common medicines and diagnosis of disease that occurred during this time. Have Paper Masters custom write medical research on the history of medicine in the 19th Century.

Today when a person goes to the doctor with a specific complaint, he or she expects that the doctor will give them a prescription. The patient takes the prescription to the local pharmacy and gets it filled. After a few days of taking the medicine, the patient assumes that he or she will feel better and continue routine activities. The complaint might be something more serious, but most individuals are confident that whatever the problem is, the doctor will be able to cure them. And in most cases, they are right. However, it was not always like this. Just a little more than one hundred years ago, however, going to see a doctor did not mean that he would be able to cure the patient easily or quickly. Medicine has changed in many ways since the nineteenth century. The purpose of this paper is to describe how the practice of medicine was during the 1800s. Some things to include in your research paper on medicine in the 19th Century are:

  • Education of Doctors in the 19th Century
  • Types of common illnesses treating during the 19th Century
  • Common medicines of the 19th Century
  • What diseases did people typically die of in the 19th Century?

One of the first changes involved the education of the physician. Back during the nineteenth century, men became doctors by training under the instruction of a doctor. There were very few medical schools that were available for students to attend. The problem with this method was that students did not always learn the best way to treat a certain disorder or illness. So, they might amputate a good leg because they did not know the right type of medicine to treat a wound. This is very different from medical schools that doctors attend today. Generally, they go to medical school for at least seven years and train under many doctors with modern equipment and technology. Every doctor now learns the best treatment for each disorder or illness as medical schools stay current with medical advances and improvements.

Another difference between medicine in the 1800s and today is the types of illnesses that were treated then and that are treated now. Many illnesses that are treated now could not even be detected in the 1800s because there were no x-ray machines or different kinds of laboratory tests. Additionally, most people have immunities to many of the diseases that once killed some people. Also, in the 1800s, there was poor sanitation and unsafe water in some areas of the United States. For example, when settlers began migrating to the southwestern part of the United States, they begin catching terrible illnesses. "The hot climate, contaminated water, and poor sanitation spawned an epidemic of diseases. Malaria was especially endemic to the region".

During the late 1800s, there were many discoveries that resulted in new medicines to treat diseases that were sometimes fatal. "Breakthroughs in medical science eventually brought cures for tuberculosis, typhoid, and diphtheria - although these infectious diseases remained the century's leading killers".

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Medicine In 19Th Century Research Papers

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