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Inflammatory Markers

Inflammatory Markers

When a person is injured or otherwise experiencing inflammation, the body produces signals known as inflammatory markers; health care professionals are able to test for these markers to determine the severity of the injury or to identify the treatment option with the best outcomes. The term "acute phase response" is used to describe the various changes that take place in the area wherein inflammation is occurring; the most notable trait is the presence of inflammatory markers, as these are used for diagnostic purposes. These markers include C-reactive protein (CRP), the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), and plasma viscosity (PV), though procalcitonin is a marker currently being studied for the purposes of identifying inflammation associated with conditions such as sepsis. Other inflammatory markers include a-1 antitrypsin (A1AT), myeloperoxidase (MPO), and soluble tumor necrosis factor alpha-receptor type II (TNFR II).

It is important that patients be routinely tested for inflammatory markers; research has shown that even in those patients with effective pain management strategies, inflammation can occur easily. With regular testing for these inflammatory markers, overall symptoms can be reduced and quality of life improved. Raised levels of CRP, ESR, and PV can signify various ailments: infections, rheumatoid arthritis, tissue burns or other injury, and rejection of a transplanted organ. To make such a determination, follow-up testing is almost always needed, as the resulting raised inflammatory markers are so rarely indicative of one specific ailment or condition.

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Inflammatory Markers Research Papers

A research paper on inflammatory markers discuss the signs of inflammation the body produces when it is injured.

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