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Childhood Obesity

Child Obesity

Child Obesity research paper due and don't know how to start it? How about like this?

A research paper on the condition of childhood obesity point out that the it is generally determined by whether or not and by how much a child exceeds the body-mass index or established weight ranges defined for specific ages, heights and weights. Although these are the technical measures of child obesity, it is more frequently perceived by how much or to what degree a child appears to be overweight. Unfortunately, appearance alone is not sufficient to accurately determine if a child is obese and at risk for the negative physical and emotional symptoms that accompany it.

Child Obesity and Consequences

While appearance is not a precise method for determining obesity in a child, research papers show that the exceptionally heavy child will often bear the repercussions associated with being overweight including discrimination, low self-esteem and lack of physical motivation. However, there are consequences of obesity that may be considered even more significant including immediate health problems and the proclivity toward obesity into adulthood. A review of the literature will demonstrate that child obesity has increased markedly over the last two decades and will attempt to reveal the reasons for that increase as well as possible solutions for preventing the proliferation of a condition that is quickly becoming a national epidemic.

Factors that Increase Child Obesity Rates

Aside from the central theme of poor diet, whether it be too many calories or high fat, and the sedentary lifestyle argument, some researchers are suggesting alternative theories may explain at least some childhood obesity. Among these theories are:

  • Genetics
  • Economic factors
  • Behavioral psychology

Medical health problems that concern Americans today include one of the most deadly disorders to date - Childhood Obesity. Research papers on childhood obesity show that its incidence is on the rise and the related diseases associated with it are taking children at higher numbers than ever.

Obesity is a problem that affects Americans at an alarming rate across all age, race, and gender categories.No single group is immune to the causes, occurrences, and the recent increases in the rate of obesity.However, what may be of greatest concern for researchers is the fact that while Americans enjoys an increasingly higher standard of living; obesity among children continues to grow.This is true of all categories and researchers have been recognizing this situation each year since the 1960's.Nevertheless, there is to date no cure, or even universal treatment for the problem of childhood obesity.This is partly due to an inability to precisely pinpoint the cause, or causes, of the increases.Thus, we are left with a debate over which causes play the greatest role in childhood obesity and a plethora of prevention and treatment theories.Yet at the same time, it is clear that the occurrence of childhood obesity places those afflicted at increased risk of health problems now and in the future.Moreover, for those suffering from childhood obesity the toll can also extend to a failure to fully develop socialization skills.

Obesity is linked to 5 of the top ten causes of death in the United States as well as several other non-fatal diseases. Moreover, there is a relationship between childhood and adult obesity, the health risks brought on by obesity will only continue with age. Included in the health problems associated with obesity are:

Childhood Obesity and Family

Once a child is afflicted with childhood obesity it is important to make a change. Experts advise that families support the child and prevent teasing from siblings.This can be furthered by not isolating the child on a special diet, but rather having the whole family eat a proper diet.Moreover, the most important thing is to make a lifestyle change for the entire family.However, this does not mean that an obese child does not need medical attention. A diet and exercise regime should be developed with a doctor and nutritionist as well as having the child checked for health problems associated with obesity.

Childhood Obesity on the Rise

Every year since the early 1960's has seen a rise in obesity among Americans. This is especially alarming among children because of the limits it can put on their lives. It restricts their development and will likely lead to obesity as an adult and other health problems.Therefore, treatment and prevention should be priorities in the US today.

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