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Banning Smoking In Public Places

Banning Smoking in Public Places

Smoking is a habit that has been ingrained in society for centuries. Social acceptance of the practice has only recently begun to be challenged by regulation and efforts to curb smoking in public places are still in their infancy. Further thwarting the efforts of educating individuals on banning smoking in public places is a heavy tobacco industry lobby association that puts doubts into the minds of the American public on the seriousness of the issue through claims of inconclusive studies and distortion of facts. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Banning Smoking that follows your guidelines.

Banning Smoking

The fate of tobacco usage depends on how the government will proceed with current movements in legislation. Considering the evolution of tobacco thus far, it can be expected for alterations in official policy and individual behavior to come slow. Banning smoking in public places raises political questions: Is government ready to cut the ties between the tobacco companies in introducing legislation that inhibits the sale of tobacco? Will a largely republican legislature thwart the goals of the democratic issue of public health and government? When it comes to making public policies, it is essential to bear in mind the definition of public policy making. The policy-making process has been described as beginning from the top down (governments) or from the bottom up (the citizens). Each depends on the other to achieve its goals. With every policy decision taken, especially by government, there are far-reaching consequences for the whole population. Every decision made has cost associated with it and support for one item may have an impact on another item.

Public policy must be implemented to ban smoking in public places in order to protect the health of innocent individuals victimized by the smoking population.

The pattern of argumentation for illustrating the need for a ban on smoking in public places is based upon presenting the argument with reasons and refutation, proof with explanation of facts, statistics and authoritative quotes and end the argument with an emotional appeal.

Social Attitude about Smoking

The pervasive social attitude about smoking in America is one of "live and let live". The realization of cigarette smoking being detrimental to one's health has been slow in coming. This is largely due to the promotion of cigarette smoking as a recreational exercise by the tobacco industry. The last twenty years has seen an avalanche of studies and information on the health effects of smoking. The key is getting this information to the public. The most common knowledge of health hazards is lung cancer and heart disease. There are in fact, many other illnesses that increase due to smoking. In women, fertility is reduced and the chance of spontaneous abortion and other complications in pregnancy are greatly increased due to cigarette smoking.

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Banning Smoking In Public Places Research Papers

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