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Iatrogenic Harm

Iatrogenic Harm

This is a topic suggestion onIatrogenic Harm from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Iatrogenic harm is a term most often used in the medical field.

  • Iatrogenic harm is when the caregiver harms the person cared for in the course of an intervention.
  • In the case of a physician, it may be harm caused by prescribing a drug that interacts poorly with another, or an unrelated complication as a result of a surgical procedure.
  • Words often associated with Iatrogenic harm are "negligence" or "medical error". It is often a fine line between iatrogenesis and "complications" of certain procedures.

Iatrogenic harm is a wonderful topic for a research paper. Whether you are a nursing student, medical student, philosophy or psychology student, there is plenty of material to debate regarding Iatrogenesis. The ethical implications of iatrogenic harm are vast and difficult to outline for the common student. Paper Masters has writers that specialize in philosophy and ethics and understand the complexity of Iatrogenic harm. It is not as straight-forward as one would hope. One writer reported that cases of iatrogenic harm are appearing in nearly every scientific field imaginable. For example, a microbiologist may be labeled as causing iatrogenic harm when he misidentifies a culture sample sent in from a cancer patient and induces the physician to give the wrong treatment. The iatrogenic harm is traced back to the biologist.

One of the major complications of Iatrogenic harm from a psychologist is that when someone is labeled with a mental illness that is a misdiagnosis, a phenomena of diagnostic stigma often occurs. The mentally ill patient often takes on the illness diagnosed, due to the fact he/she is now looking for that behavioral pattern or mental illness in his actions. Thus the complexity of iatrogenic harm is deep and students often look to Paper Masters to write their iatrogenic harm project due to the difficulty of understanding the topic.

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This is a topic on
Iatrogenic Harm Research Papers

Research from Paper Masters in research papers show that Iatrogenic harm is when the caregiver harms the person cared for in the course of an intervention.

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