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Argument Position On Stem Cells

Argument Position on Stem Cells

Stem cell research is a controversial topic. Many health or even English Composition courses will ask you to write an argumentative paper on your position regarding stem cells. Paper Masters can custom write this research paper for you or use the suggestion below to formulate your own argument position on stem cells.

How to Organize your Argument Position Research Paper on Stem Cells

  1. Get the reader's attention by means of an interesting, engaging introduction in your stem cell research paper.
  2. Give the necessary background information so the reader understands the issues involved in stem cell research.
  3. Clearly state your position regarding using stem cells for research.
  4. Provide a forecast of your main points in the paper.
  5. Clearly state the reasons that support your position and support each reason with appropriate and sufficient evidence.
  6. In your research paper, summarize one major opposing argument regarding stem cells and effectively respond to it.
  7. Provide a strong conclusion that summarizes your argument, calls for action and/or leaves a powerful impression.

A Little Background on Stem Cells

Stem cell research is in its scientific infancy, yet the controversy that accompanies this research threatens to hamper its progress. Stem cell issues were brought to light for most people when President George Bush declared his concerns with stem cell research in his State of the Union address on February 2, 2005. Prior to this, in August 2001, Bush declared that federal research funds could be used only on embryonic stem (ES) cell lines created before that date, leaving only about 78 viable cell lines (later changed to only 22 lines). This created a huge problem for medical scientists because all of these lines were contaminated with nurse cells from mice. It should be noted, however, that President Bush's proclamation only regulates those institutions that rely on federal funding for stem cell research.

The Important Issues to Cover in Your Stem Cell Research Paper

Some people confuse issues of stem cell research, human embryos, and the right to life. Therefore, it is necessary to understand just what the scientific and moral issues are that surround stem cell research, embryonic stem cell research, the status of embryos, and why the controversy is so heated. Dr. Søren Holm, Professorial Fellow in Bioethics and Director of Ethics at the University of Cardiff, argues, "Potential therapeutic uses of cell-based therapies derived from ES [embryonic stem] cells are many." Some of these uses include medical support for people with Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, and diabetes, to name only a few. Some estimate that the actual number of people who potentially could be helped by the promise of stem cell research reaches approximately 100 million. On the other hand, ES may not be the only therapeutic agent for addressing all the conditions that medical scientists list as potential targets for ES research. ES research is the natural outgrowth of medical and scientific advances, of course, and thus on some level it is a trend that has its own momentum. The controversy over moral and ethical issues will continue to brew over time; this is a controversy that is ongoing and pervasive.

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Argument Position On Stem Cells Research Papers

Research Papers that take an Argument Position on Stem Cells are custom written at Paper Masters. Since stem cell research is a controversial topic, you may need a research paper that argues for or against stem cell use.

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