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Urinary Tract Disease

Urinary Tract Disease

Urinary tract disease research papers examine the factors that cause the disease and outline any information you need explicated regarding the medical condition that affects the kidney. Medical writers with a background in UTI infections and diseases will custom write your research paper today.

Urinary tract disease can be caused by various factors of the urinary system. The most common problems associated with the urinary system are urinary tract stones, urinary tract infections, and incontinence. Urinary tract stones are the result of minerals, most commonly calcium, crystallizing in the urinary system. These stones begin in the kidneys and are frequently called kidney stones. Kidney stones can be passed on their own through the urinary system with urine but are extremely painful. Unless an infection results from the stones, medical intervention is not necessary.

Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections are found most frequently in women. The E. coli bacterium, the most common bacteria found in UTI's, can travel more easily up the shorter urethra of a woman. Persistent UTI's may be caused by a systemic candida infection. Candida albicans, a yeast-like fungus found in all humans, usually is kept in check by the body's natural immune system. When the immune system is weakened an overgrowth of Candida Albanis may result causing various health problems, one being a urinary tract infection.

Kidney damage is the most serious of the urinary diseases. Kidney damage can result from a toxic condition called uremia. This is the retention of wastes that the kidney normally excretes from the body. Treatment for kidney failure is dialysis, which is connecting the individual to an artificial kidney to filter the blood.

Promoting Urinary Health

There are many foods that can be incorporated into the diet to promote a healthy urinary system. Previously thought as folk remedies, medical practitioners are now confirming the benefits of certain foods such as adding cranberry juice and asparagus to the diet. Other preventive measures include the care by women to wipe themselves after urinating from front to back to eliminate the possibility of spreading E. coli into the urethra. Monitoring coffee intake and drinking plenty of water is a preventive measure if kidney stones are a hereditary problem.

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