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Thyroid Disease

Thyroid Disease

This is a research project topic description on thyroid diseases. It will show you what you need to discuss in an overview of the anatomy and physiology involving the medical condition. Paper Masters provides custom research papers on Thyroid diseases. Research paper on thyroid diseases (hyperthyroid and hypothyroid) should be a formally written research paper.

In your thyroid disease research paper, include the following:

  1. Complete description of pathophysiology of medical condition.
  2. Clinical manifestation (systemically intraoral List of possible medications that patient may be on.
  3. Meds assessment (problems that may require treatment intervention)
  4. Possible interventions to meet the needs identified above.

Because thyroid functioning affects so many bodily systems and directs the working of biochemical and neurochemical function, the study of thyroid hormones is in itself a uniquely complex endeavor. However, with the added complexity of the neurochemical basis of depressive and other psychological disorders, the study of thyroid disease and depression is highly complicated. Factors such as gender, comorbid diagnoses, patient history of both depressive and thyroid disease symptoms, family history, and age also play important roles in the study, so that it becomes difficult for any one study in itself to draw clear conclusions into the relevant relationships.

Clearly, there are many elements to be considered in the study of thyroid functioning's relationship with depressive symptoms and depression.The above studies have illuminated that the levels of thyroid hormone prior to treatment for depression may change subsequent to receiving treatment, and also showed that the presence of thyroid disease may predict or affect depressive symptoms.

Thyroid disease is a common ailment affecting about 20 million Americans, and presents with a variety of symptoms. Through inflammation, overproduction or underproduction of the hormones produced by the thyroid gland, or a complete loss of function, the disease brings about systemic changes that affect metabolic functioning.

Although symptoms of hypothyroidism differ from those associated with hyperthyroidism, psychological symptoms in general have been observed in individuals suffering from both forms of the disease. Specifically, depression and depressive disorder are commonly diagnosed diseases among patients treated for thyroid conditions.

The relationship between thyroid disease and depression is a widely studied phenomenon of great interest to the medical and psychiatric disciplines. Because some thyroid disorders present symptoms such as fatigue and depression, they can mimic other diseases and obscure other symptoms, making proper diagnosis difficult. Additionally, thyroid functioning can affect many aspects of psychological functioning including mood, energy level, global well-being, and cognitive abilities. As such, studies have extended beyond thyroid disease and depression to examine other disorders such as bipolar disorder and panic disorder, and have also examined global neuropsychiatric functioning in patients with various levels of thyroid functioning.Through the execution of numerous empirical research studies, the relationship has been more clearly delineated, and its mechanisms and dynamics have become more thoroughly understood.

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This is a topic on
Thyroid Disease Research Papers

Thyroid research papers will discuss an overview of the anatomy and physiology involving the medical condition.

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